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Hey, The name's Ali born and raised in Toronto Ontario, you can get rid of the "I" and call me AL or if you get to know me you can rid of the "L" and call me A.I. because after you've heard me speak in person you'll wonder if I were preprogrammed. (Philosophy joke)

Other than that,

Me Ape. Ape think am good with spark box. Ape want learn more bout chromes' spark box. Ape happy to be part of pack. Ape want feel good for help other Ape like other Ape do.

Oh! btw if anyone knows of a decent wireless (hopefully universal) gamepad or controller (for most nintendo games including N64) I can use on my chromebook 15 cb3-532 without any to little issues and where I can order off of amazon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DM me on instagram @AfroLaddin

Ape need to vent agression beneficially.

Cheers B=D~~
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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