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I had to post about this. It was my birthday this weekend and my girlfriend and I took a lot of pictures. She wanted to upload them to Facebook and of course I couldn't find the stupid proprietary camera USB cable. I thought about my CR-48 and the little memory card slot. I'm thinking maybe I can save the day, right?

I insert the 4GB SD card into the slot and was surprised to watch the software immediately begin to recognize, then mount the chip. It required no effort on my part. I logged into Facebook and went to upload the pictures. Using Facebook's new picture uploader I navigated to the proper folder on the SD card and select 76 pictures to upload (I know its a lot, she likes taking pictures). The website failed to import...over and over again. I tried selecting less pictures, I tried selecting pictures from a different folder, I tried moving some picutres onto the CR-48 hard drive and copying from there. I could upload one picture at a time, but the moment I tried to select more than one picture to upload it failed. I was not about to upload 76 pictures, one a time.

My next genius idea was to upload the pictures to Picasa, then import them to Facebook. Surely on my Google computer; Picasa, a Google service, wouldn't suffer from the same bugs as the Facebook application. I was right and was able to upload multiple photos at one time to Picasa, from the memory card on the first try. Now, surely I can just import the photos from Picasa to Facebook right? Two of perhaps some of the most commonly used websites on the internet can sync with each other right???

I find out that this is not supported by either site directly. On Facebook, you can download an app to run a Picasa importer but you need Picasa desktop software installed as a prerequisite. So I try to install Picasa desktop for Linux. Nope, not supported on CR-48. There is a Picasa "app" available in the Chrome appstore, which I found does not support the Facebook uploader.

I was getting really, really frustrated at this point. As a last ditch effort I went to my desktop computer and installed Picasa's desktop software. I still couldn't get the **** Facebook app to install. So downloaded all my pictures from Picasa to my desktop hard drive. I logged into Facebook, using Internet Explorer 9, and uploaded all 76 of my pictures at one time. Sorry Google and CR-48...granted the memory card slot worked fine, but without my trusty Microsoft based desktop readily available I don't think I could have accomplished something so simple and common as uploading a few pictures to Facebook.
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