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We all know Super Mario Bros, a legendary game that could be found on almost all popular video game consoles. Now you could indulge yourself in the good old days by playing this classic game right in the browser.

What I recommend today is the classic version of this game in webapp form, “Super Mario Bros Crossover”. Graphics are raw but if you like pixel-style graphics this is a must have game for you. Everything else, like music, sound and game play, are all the same as the one we played some 20 years ago. Move the character by pressing arrow buttons, “Z” to jump and “X” to fire, simple and easy.

Watch a video showing the game in action

I said move the “character” because unlike the old version this one brings you some other interesting characters like Megaman and Rambo. I’m the kind of man who loves only the “original flavour” so I just want my little Mario, but if you want to try something new this twist should be very funny (think about the Rambo running in the world of the Mario and killing with a gun…)

If you like classic games, this is one that you can’t afford to miss. There are many Super Mario Bros web games in Chrome Store but I highly recommend this because it brings me the true original flavour (pixel-style graphics, same old music and sound effects). The best thing of it is that you don’t need to install it, just run the webapp in browser and you can play it anywhere.

If you prefer the modern versions, there are some other Super Mario Bros web games in Chrome Store available. Simply use “super mario bros” as keyword to search.

(This is an excerpt of a post in my blog about Chrome Web App)
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