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I have used Chrome for several years and have experienced a number of problems with handlinbg flash drives in the Chromebook. Are there any tips on size and makes of drive that are best to use?

(1) Whenever I read a USB flash drive in a Windows PC that was written in Chrome I get an error messahe saying it is damaged but when I run diagnostics there is mo problem.

(2) I have a 128GB micro card in my Chromebook. It dismounts itself regularly after sleep and needs to be removed and reinserted. Other USB drives mount automatically on waking.

(3) I have a 128GB mini memory stick. The other day the Chromebook ran out of power while I had a text file open in the Caret editor. When I re-powered it the file name was on the drive but the content was 0kb! It had been wiped out. That hasn't happened with other USB sticks I have.
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