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Proxy and Authentication Issues

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My Samsung Chromebook is one day old and I am desperate for help. I cannot seem to connect to networks at the moment. I have two very distinct issues on different networks.

1. At work - I can connect perfectly in guest mode. Work (a school) requires proxy settings and authentication (username/password) which I can enter via a drop down box in the browser. The issue is when I want to log into the machine as opposed to guest mode. The proxy settings are correct but there is nowhere that I can see to enter my username and password and I am not prompted to do so when I try to enter my google account details. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

2. At home - I can connect every device at home with ease, except for the Chromebook. It recognises the network, the router shows that the Chromebook is connected to it but I cannot log in open any sites in guest. I noticed that I have IP addresses but there is no gateway in the settings. Anyone encountered this issue?

A shame my first post on the Chromebook is a slightly negative one - I was intending to use a Chromebook as part of an education project to prove its validity in schools. Being beaten down at the first hurdle doesn't help.
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I have a similar problem. After setting up the Acer Chromebook with the password for our wireless network, it does not remember the password. So every time I shut down or logout of the guest account, I have to enter the password again.
Might this help?

We have found that for devices, although we're using the Samsung model, that you need to click the box for Share this network with others when first logging into the Chromebook. If you don't have that checked, guest mode will not work on that network, it only "lives" with whatever account is owned by the first login or "owner" of that Chromebook.
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