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Question for IMAP on Chromebook

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I have recently noticed that there is no way to use an existing IMAP account (my job email) with Gmail. I tried to import or download the mail to Gmail, and it doesn't work. Gmail only supports POP accounts. So the work around they suggest is setting your IMAP account to forward all mail to your Gmail account (which i am trying now)

I figure Google will have to address this deficiency for the Chromebook, since there will be no apps, how will IMAP users access their email ?
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Have you tried using POP access to 'pull' the email? IMAP may be what the company prefers you use - or it might be the only thing they set up - but POP3 access is generally turned on by default on most email servers. Some actually 'require' pop access over IMAP.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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