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Questions before I buy

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I'm considering buying a Samsung series 5 chromebook, but have some questions first:

1. Does this model support attaching a wired or wireless mouse? I have big hands and have trouble using the touch pad on most laptops.

2. Can the touch pad be turned off? On my current netbook, when I type the heels of my hands rest on the touch pad, which can result in the mouse jumping around. Luckily, I can turn off the touch pad easily, so I can type without issue.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer these questions.
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Hi guys, I'm a researcher and need to open various forms of email attachments e.g. docx, pdf, mpeg, and other types.

Can the chromebook do that?

And will there be updates or a next chromebook coming out soon with the Chrome OS but that can open more attachments and are not so dependent on being online?

Thanks for any info
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