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As many know I won a contest on here and now it is in my hands! I received it right before lunch but just now had a chance to open it! I will post pictures and a review here on Monday. I want to spend some time with her.

Quick impressions though:

*The build quality is AMAZING! It is light but still solid feeling.

*Also the keyboard is better then the CR-48 or a Macbook Pro...That is saying a ton.

*It has a light tap feel but still a great depression range.

*The speed is crazy compared to my CR-48, it really is 2x as fast at rendering pages.

*Also Hulu plays great up to 480p in a pop out window while browsing. Youtube plays Fullscreen 720p as well. This shocked me. There isn't many sub 500 machines that could do that.

*ChromeOS is also a joy. It took about 10 mins to setup then I logged in and everything was the same as my CR-48...EVERYTHING!! Saved passwords and ChromeOS settings (mouse speed and all!)

*The mouse is 100% better then my CR-48. For one it is mounted better and just more responsive.

*Came with VGA Adapter. Not like Apple where it is 29 bucks..Nope right in the box.

*Matte Screen and Matte palm rest. Thank god..I hate glossy screens!!

*Titan is beautiful. No really! The pictures make it look like crap. It is a very nice light gloss Gun Metal.

*Screen Brightness is CRAZY!!! I have it at 50% right now it is brighter then 90% of laptops I have used (esp my CR-48 which I though had a great screen).

*No HDMI Adapter (I am not sure if they are making on or not). This is a big deal for some so it is listed.

*The mouse seems to lag off and on. This was like my CR-48 but updates fixed it. I have a feeling it is a ChromeOS thing...not a Samsung thing.

*ChromeOS and Netflix. There are some things that still seem Beta in the Stable Channel. I do get some Aww Snaps still and He's Dead Jims. Much less then my Beta Channel Mario. And no native client or plugin based Netflix support...

Overall I really think if someone uses this device...It will change there feelings about ChromeOS. It really is brilliant and will only get better.

Thanks to the Chromebook Forum and I will update this with more info. If you have any requests please ask. I plan on taking some pictures tomorrow. I will deff take side my sides with my CR-48.

Any questions or tests...just ask! This is kinda all of ours to talk about since we are all part of the community!!


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When you signed in, did you authorize other users after establishing yourself as the main user? Just talk about that and Guest Mode please. If I want my wife to use it too but anyone else only Guest Mode, what are steps. If my wife gets her own eventually, how easy is it to remove an authorized user?
In "Settings" there is a "Users" option. In there you can set up only specified users can sign in and turn off and on "Guest Access". So if you want to just allow your account and your wives, you can do that. If you want to allow Guest Users..that is a checkbox. When you set up guest users it doesn't save any information or settings.
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