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I am working on figuring out a way to figure out if a Chromebook would be valid and useful in my school.. right now i am trying to figure out how to connect a chrome book to a windows server (specifically 2003 and newer). i downloaded ThinVNC from the chrome store and that asks me to download something to allow me to run a .exe... as far as i am aware a .exe cannot be run on a chrome book as it is a linux distro(correct me if i am wrong on that).

I tried to download RemoteSpark and i dont know how to use it i suppose... i was under the impression you just type in the IP of the computer (in my case server) that i want to connect to, and then type in its username/password. I really think a Chromebook would be very beneficial in my school (cost effective vs. how much is spent per comp lab each year they are renewed.. i saved my school about $10k by designing the computers for 1 lab, im a senior) so i understand cost is important and I really like the design.

If there is any way to connect a chromebook to a windows server (2003, 2008, 2012, all or none R2), that would be great. I have some time to mess around and continue my other tests, but not being able to run applications such as finance, CAD, or engineering pre-design software will crush this idea. (im aware of what is needed to allow a server to host these files), i just need an answer on the remote management, or vnc(although i hear vnc is very limited compared to Remote Desktop Managment..)
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