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Remotely Access my Parents Chromebook

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My parents are in their eighties and I am setting up a chromebook for them. I would like to be able to remote access and control their Samsung Chromebook from my WIndows 7 PC to provide tech support for them. I can use Teamviewer and to remotely access my windows 7 pc from the chromebook but not vice versa, read about Ericom Access Now beta a liitle but it seems the same.
This is my parents first experience with a computer so any help/advise is welcome. I also have a couple of eee netbooks running Puppeee Linux and XP.
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I see this as a problem for corporate use of Chromebooks: The inability for a Help Desk to remotely access, troubleshoot and fix Chromebooks. Currently, that may not be a serious shortcoming, but the more the other current shortcoming (off-line applications) gets resolved, then the more important the remote access issue becomes.
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