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Remotely Access my Parents Chromebook

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My parents are in their eighties and I am setting up a chromebook for them. I would like to be able to remote access and control their Samsung Chromebook from my WIndows 7 PC to provide tech support for them. I can use Teamviewer and to remotely access my windows 7 pc from the chromebook but not vice versa, read about Ericom Access Now beta a liitle but it seems the same.
This is my parents first experience with a computer so any help/advise is welcome. I also have a couple of eee netbooks running Puppeee Linux and XP.
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Hi Kerozebo...

Are you saying that if (for instance) I use my own personal CB to sign in (on my CB) as another user (say for instance - a trainee, who might be at home and not with me) then I can make changes to their CB account, sign out and they can then sign back in and those changes will show up on their CB, where they are staying at that time?????????

That is how I read your post... If such is possible, that could save both me and my trainees a lot of problems...

I'll wait with fingers crossed for your reply, hoping I'm on the ball with that...



Would one need to open a second account on their CB, using the other person's name and details, to enable the aforementioned to be possible????? A second thought just struck me, that should such be the case, would that not evoke a breach of security in one way or another???
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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