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As an experiment, I plan to remove the original 320G drive before experimenting with the installation of Ubuntu on an SSD I have on hand.

When I reinstall the original drive back into the Acer C7 Chromebook it came out of, will it work as delivered from the factory/when I removed it? (ie.. Using the original Chrome OS with verification turned on). I know that it needs to be put in development mode to dual boot Ubuntu/Crhome OS on the alternate SSD drive and I believe a development Bios is also installed during the dual installation boot process.

I know the original drive will not work if installed in a different Acer C7 and the warranty will be voided if I remove the bottom cover.

If I could simply install the original 320G drive when I want the Chrome OS with all it's security enabled features and swap it for the dual boot SSD when I what to use Ubuntu/more configurable developer Chrome OS that would be great.

I am sure there are issues with the TPM/Encryption of user files and switching between Factory/Developer mode regarding the above discussion. If anyone on the forum has done anything similar, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Ron
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