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S.O.S. (Separate Operating System)

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This should be sold as an separate operating system altogether so that users can install on their current computers and/or like devices.
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It will be available as a downloadable Operating system that you can install on anything you like. It is part of Google's open initiative.

I think in the beginning they will probably keep it somewhat tightly controlled (like Android) in order to make sure its compatible, and they can resolve any bugs quickly for supported devices.
Wow. ¡If you CB4me are right I'm waiting that!
That is cool. I would love to be able to download their operating system to other machines. How much do you think it would cost just to download their operating system.
Is the idea of downloading an OS better than purchasing it without having to go online? I think for a start, Google will not really make it expensive.
Isn't the OS already available for free usage? Unless they make a premium version or something, it's not worth it.
The OS is exciting in itself, but I agree that until such a time that it has had some real usage by the masses keeping it working on a small subset of hardware is the best way to keep a steady level of performance.
I agree i want to try out the OS before i use it they should allow a virtual Online demo or something like that where it locks your desktop and only allows you to use chrome os !
This not a SOS but rather Given Operating System.
Follow the link to get your own :
Build chromeOS image for chromebook or regular computer
pretty nice ittle game ... simple, frustrating .. addictif !!! run very well with chrome! try it with Firefox and ....
Sorry, here is the link missing in my previous post
Isn't the OS already available for free usage? Unless they make a premium version or something, it's not worth it.
Chromium OS (what you are referring to) is to Chrome OS what Cr-48 is to Chromebook. It is an open-source project that's meant for testing new updates before releasing them to the public. In other words, it's in constant beta and not nearly as stable as what Chrome OS will be once Chromebooks begin shipping out. You can download Chromium OS, but it's a lot more work than downloading an executable file and clicking "install." Unless you'r a developer I don't see the point in doing this.

I don't know a whole lot about Chromium myself, this is just my recommendation.
Hexxeh maintains builds of Chromium OS you can throw on a flash drive (it has to be bigger than 2 gigs) at his site. His builds are lean, mean, and my emergency recovery os on my laptop.
Yeah, they aren't going to go out of their way to make a bata easy to download to the public. There are to many people who could not cope with beta testing and might draw the wrong conclusions.
Testing the OS on a regular laptop should be interesting. I think most users' desktop/laptop will outspec the current chromebooks, not including battery life.
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