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Samsung chromebook questions

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Hey guys, i will be getting my samsung chromebook and i had a couple of questions. Wth the samsung chromebook am i able to play minecraft? Or uberstrike? I will be using the samsung chromebook for school stuff aswell. But i also wanted to know if i can play minecraft and uberstrike on the samsung chromebook. Do i have to download the apps from the chrome store? Thanks
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You can't download games/programs to your Chromebook. So you won't be able to play Minecraft - don't know Uberstrike. You can play games that are wholly on-line and where you don't need anything downloaded on your computer.
As for apps - You'll have access to Google Store where you get your apps and extensions (programs/apps you access from the search bar.
I've a collection of resources on Chromebook Chromebook for education |
I do recommend that you check out Google + where there are several forums/groups on Chromebook as for example the excellent ChromebookEDU
Hope this answered you questions (saw you on Twitter)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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