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Samsung Series 5 Pictures - The Chromebook

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Samsung Series 5 Pictures

Please see pictures from TechCrunch below of the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.

Great looking laptop / Chromebook in my opinion. I think Samsung will sell a lot of these!
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Great pictures.... I really like the white. I think if Samsung can get these out in massive quantities on June 15 they will have a lot of "try it out" buyers that can afford $499 as a 'test' purchase.
Much better looking than originally thought. I have to agree it actually looks like a nicely put together package.

Not bad for less than 500 bucks. I think i'll get a wifi only version
rdlviper...what is your feeling about the 12.1 inch size of the Samsung Chromebook? I've used a number of Netbooks that feel more like a kitchen appliance than they do a computer. Is the screen real estate big enough to actually accomplish something, and is it really as bright as all the reviews say it is? I'm leaning toward buying the silver Samsung WiFi only - if it looks and feels like it will hold together during business travel.
Wow, when it has a white top like that it looks sweet. Thanks for sharing the pics. The only thing I do not like is that it looks like it does not have a dedicated keypad, which I really like.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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