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Scanning & saving documents

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Hi there!

I have an Acer C720 Chromebook and an HP Photosmart 5510 wireless printer.

I am in need of help in ways or workaround in scanning documents on my printer and then be able to save them on my CB.

SO, far what i have done is ring HP but did not find any help at all. Went to the printers's IP address on the Chrome browser and found a way to scan but found no way to actually save it on my CB.

Any help please?
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I imagine, that as you cannot connect a printer to a chromebook, there's little hope that you can transfer your scanned copy to the chromebook, unless of course, you have a USB or SD slot on your printer...

In which case, you might be able to transfer the scanned image on one or the other and then transfer it to your chromebook which has both facilities... Thus: you'll be able to save or share with others as you will...

It could be worth a try if your printer has those facilities....

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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