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I have had my chromebook for a year I even took my old 10" netbook and switched it to Chrome os. Now in the last few weeks I have been getting more and more popups for windows security fixes, when I click on google search. It is like my Windows laptop, you wipe everything out reformat and install windows 10 again and it works great for a few weeks and then then malware gets in and you are running like the old XT on DOS.
They keep saying the chromebook is impervious to malware attacks, but, even with the popup blocker on I am getting more windows security popups. I have my chromebook logged in via gmail and the Windows 10 laptop loged in via hotmail, so there should be no link. The laptop is very rarely used maybe once a month and then the bootup takes 20 minutes and we just shut it off.
For the first year I do not recall any of those annoying, Your Computer is unprotected click here to scan for malware. But how are these sites getting in? We actually have Ipads and the chromebooks that we use instead of any windows device because windows is slow and the attacks are just to steady
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