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Should a business use an Acer or Samsung Chromebook?

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Which Chromebook do you think a business would get the most out of? Do you think they should get an Acer or Samsung Chromebook? Or should they wait and get an Asus Chromebook?
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I like the Acer because of the smaller size for travel. I like the Samsung for the build quality and longer battery... It is more or less a "feel" thing...they both seem like good machines (Guts are the same).
I have been hearing that the Asus Chromebook will be better than the Acer or the Samsung. That could be a rumor, but if I were in charge of the decisions I think I would wait to see what Asus has to offer.
The ASUS is a wait and see...I don't think they have announced anything as of yet. The specs are going to be the same I bet because Google is controlling that. Dual Core Atom, 2GB DDR3 and 16GB SSD.
I'm going to try and use mine for work for a day or two and see what the verdict is.
That would be awesome Modder. You won one of the Samsung's right? It would be great if we could find an Acer Chromebook user and get them to do the same thing! Any Acer owners want to take the challenge?
Should a business use an Acer or Samsung Chromebook?
Yes. :D

I think the samsung is mildly better for business use as you can connect to any projector using the VGA dongle, whereas the Acer has a HDMI port which is more suited to connecting to a TV.
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