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Hi! New here, been TRYING to get a Chromebook! BAD experience at Fry's, so I bought a Chromebook online from Compsource.

I purchased an Acer C710-10074G01ii, which should have had a 16gb ssd, 4 gb ram, and a 1007u processor, which is 1.5ghz with a 6 hour battery.

What I received was a C710-2815, same specs except the processor is the 847 at 1.1ghz.

Cost was $280.

I'm waiting for word from customer service whether or not the model described in the ad even exists!

The description on the webpage has been changing daily, starting when I informed them they shipped me the wrong computer! And this AFTER I called and spoke to a sales rep when I got a confirmation of shipping and the processor listed was WRONG. I was assured I would get what I ordered...

And so I have a C710-2815.

Should I keep it if the computer with the 1007u processor does not exist? Or should I hold out for a better processor?

Thanks for the input of all you experienced users, this is my first Chromebook and I'm upgrading to it from a Nexus 7 tablet that gave up the ghost to a cracked screen.

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