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Are there any options besides installing the Signal APK application kit,
after enabling Developer Mode, might I be able to return it to Stable without deleting the Signal-app,
and how do I get a Chromebook to accept that I want the enable its OS Developer Mode ?

Any feedback on any of those would be much appreciated. :smile

I've just picked up a Chromebook for a friend overseas who spends most of their time messenging,
so getting the Chromebook to talk to Signal is somewhat neccessary.
To my considerable surprise GooglePlay says Signal-app isn't available for for this device,
so I couldn't see any options other than downloading the Signal-apk , to which Chrome says I must enable Chrome OS Developer Mode, which I've tried to do via the Settings : About : Additional details : Channel : Developer - unstable
but it continues to respond I must enable Chrome OS Developer Mode.
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