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I am a volunteer teacher of computers and software for hundreds of seniors at large senior centers here in Colorado. They love to keep in touch with their families in distant states and countries. I always intall Skype on their systems. They really don't use Word or Excel or Powerpoint, or One Note for that matter - because they are all retired.

I would love to show them the google chrome OS and the new notebooks. Many of them just know normal laptops and the Windows OS.

I need to know what are the main advantages of this system - as they primarily only use email and the Internet - and Skype.

Does it have a built-oin video camera for Skype?
- Edie
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I would be interested in the answer to this question as well. Although for k-12 educational purposes.
It would seem that skype would slowly be integrated into a the chrome os, as it is widely used, as for a webcam yes there is i cannot remember if its on the samsung model or the acer model.
I hope Microsoft is working on an HTML5 version of Skype. That would be awesome.
I hope Microsoft is working on an HTML5 version of Skype. That would be awesome.
Yes, and a highly optimized Google Chat/Talk/Voice might be even better! :eek:
You might want to explore Google Voice, Google Chat, & Gmail. All of these applications have some video component to them and we've used the Google Chat to do live interviews between Oklahoma University and Yemen with very little latency. The Samsung version of this device has a built in webcam.
As of right now, Chrome OS does not support Skype. The main reason for this is the fact that Chrome OS doesn't support any type of client software (.exe files). Given that Chrome OS will soon support Google Video Chat (if it doesn't already...I forgot!), the possibility of a future Skype app compatible with Chrome OS definitely shouldn't be ruled out.

In the other hand, I wonder whether or not Microsoft would allow such a thing.
I got my Chromebook 2 days ago. I love it so far. The only thing missing is...Skype (and Silverlight to a lesser degree)
Only 2 of my contacts are on Google chat. So I am really hoping to see a web-based version of Skype soon.
Try IMO for Skype. It's a multi-protocol chat client that runs in a web page (I shouldn't call it a client perhaps, but...). Anyway, I use it every day and it's great. I run it in Chrome, so it should be super on a chromebook. is fine for instant messaging with Skype contact, but I've never got the voice or video working.
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