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Would you ever want to visit outer space? I mean proper outer space, as in Mars or something.

I don't think I would, as I'm a bit claustrophobic and modern space ships are kinda small. Maybe if they were the size of the ship in Wall-e, I would go. :p
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I would love to walk on another world, especially Mars.

Check out this documentary which has aired on the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel called "The Mars Underground" about trying to get our space program to make Mars a priority:

I would go! I'd even go in a spaceship the size of a telephone booth. I think it'd be really cool to go into outer space, and I'd love to visit another planet.
I would go, but I'd want to wait for fancier space ships, I think. I'm just not going to be happy eating weird reconstituted food and going to the bathroom in that port-a-potty thing.
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