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Hello! I ordered a Chromebook as a quick replacement computer.

I'm a teacher, and my gradebook is PowerSchool through PowerTeacher. It requires downloading a .jnlp file and uses Java. Is there any way I can run this on Chrome, or am I going to have to find another computer to do all of my grades?
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Great question

I believe the answer is that due to legal implications Chromebooks (Google) and Java (Oracle) don't mix. We too have PowerSchool and this could be a real show stopper for us.
PowerSchool PowerTeacher Gradebook on a Chromebook?

There is a workaround for using Gradebook on a Chromebook, one that has already been successfully implemented in several schools.

Ericom AccessNow™ is an HTML5 remote access solution that enables Chromebook users to connect to any RDP host (like a Windows PC, Terminal Server or virtual desktop) and run Windows applications or desktops in the Chrome browser tab. Teachers simply launch Internet Explorer inside a Chrome browser tab and then connect to Gradebook from their Chromebook.

By the way, the same trick works just as well for any other application that requires Java, as well as legacy Windows-based software. Want to run IBM SPSS, Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud on a Chromebook - or an iPad, for that matter? No problem!

Try a free online demo or contact Ericom Software today to learn more.

Please note that I work for Ericom.
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