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The Chrome OS is just two years old

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Google first announced this OS just two years ago and in my own view, the steps thus far made have been exemplary. In view of steps Google is making to beat Microsoft, do you think they will guarantee a successful shift of focus?
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I doubt googles impact will shatter Microsofts, gigantic foot print into computer, though it might me them rethink their product as i still think it is very basic and need more work done to the os to allow it flow better without all the bullcrap!
Wow, I must live with my head in the sand. It was only about 3 months ago that I caught wind of the Google Chromebook and it's operating system. Over time Google will kill Microsoft the way video killed the radio star, and computer is killing the T.V.
Ideas for this type of OS have been kicking around a long time, we discussed it in one of my college classes back on 2000. Of course no one knew Google would be developing the idea or anything, just the concept of having the computer be entirely online and having no real hard drive in your home, how that would be the next revolution in computing. I think this is definitely the wave of the future.
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