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The Future

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Some of the recent technological developments have been incredible. We are beginning to have some of the things we had always dreamed about, short of flying cars! Are you excited about the technology revolution?
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I think it is really incredible how far technology has come in the last hundred years. It boggles my mind to think what could happen from here (though I seriously doubt we will ever have cars that fly up in the air).
They have prototypes of cars that fly. The only problem is that there would be a heck of a time enforcing traffic laws with flying cars. I love how quickly technology is growing. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Stuff the future, bring back the space shuttle, Apollo and concorde.
My dad knew how to fix jet engines and I can't even get itunes to do what I want.

We've peaked and are heading back to the iron age.
I'm really looking forward to the technology of the future. Maybe we will all have flying scars and skateboards like in back to the future ;)
I hope that we will find more ways to get energy (and to save energy) and also that there are possibilities to travel faster.
I'm just a little disappointed that the techno age has really arrived, as my age sell by date is nearing its end... I shall be sorry to leave it all behind... (Smiling here ~ of course)...
The one thing for me that's been exciting to follow is the rapid development of electric cars. It's crazy to think how quickly things have moved forward since Tesla got started. Now big car companies like VW, Porsche, Ford, Jaguar, Audi, Honda, etc. are getting into the EV game and new ones like Bollinger and Rivian are getting started as well. The rapid expansion is making me seriously switch to an EV in the near future.
No, I want to travel back in time, when the Earth was green and the people were happy
The technology of the future excites me much. Perhaps someday, like in Back to the Future, we'll all have flying scars and skateboards.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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