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The ChromeBook will finally be out tomorrow!!!

When you guys do get your Google ChromeBook, customizing it a bit will help you out, below are some tips on what customization you may want to do and how to do them. If you have any tips, post them up!

1. Enable Tap to click

In an unboxing video, I heard someone saying that tap to click is not working on the touchpad, you have to click it each time. Well, you can enable tap to click by visiting chrome://settings/system ! Look at this screenshot and you will see how easy it is

2. Who Can Login To Your Chromebook ?

Chromebook login screen has an option to let new users login. So, any new users can login to the Chromebook use it like their own. But you may not like this, do you ?

Well, here is how you control this. Visit chrome://settings/accounts and select “Restrict Sign-in to the following users. Now, only people in that list below can login to your Chromebook. You can add users from the same screen.

3. Disable Guest Login – May be?

One of the highlighted feature of Chrome OS and Chrombooks is the ability to let others login as guests and have no trace of their browsing history on your device. However, if you want to disable it, that’s possible. Visit chrome://settings/accounts

4. Require Password To Wake From Sleep – An Extra Layer of Security

Instant Resume is a cool thing. You are ready to go within a second when you open the lid. But, imagine this. You have your chromebook logged in, and lid closed. Someone else come sin and opens it up, and there you go, they get access to everything on your Chromebook.

Want to have a password prompt when opening the lid to resume ? visit chrome://settings/personal and select “Require password to wake from sleep”

5. Visit about:flags To Enable Something Cool

about:flags is the page where Chrome OS team puts experimental stuff. You will find some cool things here which are still being tested or worked on, but you can try this if you want to have a glimpse of the future.

6. Enable Side Tabs

This is closely related to the last tip. From about:flags, the most interesting thing you can enable will be side tabs. Look for it, enable and restart Chromebook. Right click on any tab and you will see all your tabs on the left hand side.

7.Change Channel To Beta or Dev Version?

Just like Google Chrome on your PC and Mac, you have Beta and Dev channels on Chrome OS too. If you are geeky enough to live on the bleeding edge, visit chrome://settings/about and click on “more info” to change channel. Please do this only if you are a bit tech savvy !!

8. Activate Verizon 3G – Free 100 MB p/m for 2 Years ! ( US only )

If you are a Chromebook user in US, you have the option to activate Verizon 3G on Chromebook. You get free 100MB for two years.

9. Ctrl + M – Gives You File Manager

Learn some keyboard shortcuts to be a smart user. First one, Ctrl + M brings up file manager for you. Wait for more on my free E-Book which is about to be completed, “100 Tips for Chrome, Chrome OS and Chromebook users”

To see a map of all shortcuts directly on your screen, press Ctrl+Alt+? whenever you’re signed in on your Chromebook.

10. Use a Downloaded Pictures as Your Avatar

When you set up Chromebook, you select one picture from the available list or click one with the web cam. What if you want to change it something you downloaded or transferred from your SD card ?

Visit chrome://settings/personal and click on “Change Picture” now, click on the second icon ( the folder icon next to the camera ) and you get the option to select a picture from your local drive !!


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This is indeed timely; you must have gone an extra step to get this resourceful tips..I am sure it will be of help to many.
Just trying to give back to the forum and I suggest others do the same!
I learned a lot about ChromeBooks and the "Cloud" from being here, so have a lot of people.

This chromebook blog has also been helpful ... Chromebook Blog

Look out for more of my threads, i will eventually find some useful info :)
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