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i was just wondering if the 16 gigs of internal storage would be enough to have a few apps and all my bookmarks synced to chrome OS and have a minimal ubunto install on the c720 ( about 6-8 gigs) with just skype and a few other applications, i have a 1 TB external drive to store all of my media and offline documents, i mainly just need a way to run skype on my chromebook since from what iv seen there is no chrome OS skype support in sight yet, i know about G hangouts but its not suitible for my current needs

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Not certain....

I'm obviously not certain about this, but if one can imagine, that 16GBs were considered to be the right amount of storage space, to entertain the Chromebook OS on its own, do you not think that splitting the HD into two, to run Ubunto and Skype, would push resources beyond desired limits...

I wish you all the luck in the world, but generally speaking, if you want something that will work efficiently and per se ~ wouldn't a standard laptop have been a better choice???

The emergence of the Chromebook (in all its standard 'quirky' glory) filled a big gap in the market... Is there really a need to twist it out of shape and then bend it over backwards in an attempt to create something that was never meant to be...

Give Google a bit more time and I'm sure if something resembling Skype (in ITS own glory) can be represented on the CB, the 'G' boys will promptly press all the right buttons....

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