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Understanding Cloud

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My name is Mark and i am new to the forum and in need of some help please.

I am considering buying a Chromebook as a replacement for my laptop which uses windows.

The Chromebook will be for home only and will never leave the house, it will be used for eg ebay, online banking surfing and i need it to have itunes, it may be used to watch bbc iplayer but that is about it.

Question 1

At the moment i store my letters and family pictures on my laptop and backthem up to a date stick.

I understand that a Chromebook has limited space, so could i still move my letters to a data stick?
Must i use the cloud, and if so what does it cost, and does it tie you to a contract, this is important?

Question 2

Would i be right in thinking that Chromebook deals with all its own security? Or do i need to download the net protector that comes with my BT internet?

Question 3

Does chrombook have its own version of Microsoft word Or can i put my copy on?

Question 4

I got a replacement phone from Vodafone, it is a moto g, if i am away from home will this phone allow me to look at what i have on my Chromebook desk top?

Thank you

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Its not Windows

Hi there

First off, you need to realize that Chromebooks aren't windows, and you need to abandon the preconceptions you have from there. You cannot install iTunes for example, you don't install much of anything, most applications are webpages, some of which are very very complex of course, doing things such as playing videos, editing files, ftping data and creating code.

In answer to your questions,

1) yes there is no issue moving files to and from a usb stick. You can also use the cloud. Chromebooks usually come with some google drive space, tho the full amount isnt free forever. Cloud storage, whether through google or other alternatives such as dropbox have free options as well as very cheap paid options. USB stick is still an option, but if its in the cloud, you don't have to worry about losing a stick.

2) You are correct here. You are working in a sandbox, there is no need to install security software, and in fact no way to.

3) Word is available in a cloud version, but its not free I don't think. As noted above, you cannot install any software that isn't from the chrome store. Google Docs does have writing software that is for the most part compatible with Word however.

4) there are ways to share your desktop, but I'm not aware of any that will work with your phone as of yet anyway. Doesn't mean there aren't just that I can't honestly answer this question.

I really have to stress that you need to realize that a chromebook isn't Windows. You are moving something, that while familar in interface, is completely new. There is no CD drive, no iTunes, no Photoshop and no way to install software that isn't in the chrome store. There are alternatives to many of these that are suitable for most users, though not for all.
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You've done an exceptional job of answering all those questions Laraby... Take my hat off to you for that...

There's are one or two more points I would add to that, one being that the CB has no desktop feature, as understood: on a standard computer... There is, what is referred to as, a 'Shelf' (which replecates a task-bar) where you can store any quick-fire apps you may want to use on a regular basis...

On the documentation side, there is a free office style programme, compatible with (and in some small ways - better than) Windows office in that it has a built in reference style library and data verification system, that is second to none, along with an Excel programme and a cute drawing package for creating the average cartoons and (I also use that for) cropping pictures... That is situated in Google Drive...

As a quick mention, in tests, I have run a 60GB external USB hard drive on my CB, which worked without a hitch and where music is concerned, Amazon does have a cloud music player, that stores up to 250 song titles for free... Paid for storage I think - is reasonably priced... Mind you, in my case, a lot of my music has been purchased from Amazon... Not aware if the system can be used JUST for one's own music - you'd need to check that out...

One more thing re music... Such can be stored on cloud and Google does have a player of sorts (it is quite reasonable) that kicks in when you need to listen to that music and with extra cloud storage being resonably priced as well, the options are all in place to make any day go with a hill-billy swing...

Hope that adds to the other important features submitted by Laraby....

Regards... Robbie....
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Good answers, laraby.

Just a quick addition concerning cloud storage; most Chromebooks come with 100 GB of free cloud storage for 2 years, after 2 years all files stored on the cloud will stay on the cloud, however when you would like to upload extra files after the 2 years are past, that is when you have to pay. There is no contract related to this cloud storage that forces you to pay once the 2 years are over. Hope I made that part a little clearer.... I wish you good luck with your purchasing decision.
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