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Usenet newsgroups

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Has anyone figured out a way to access usenet newsgroups using the Chromebook? I can't find a way to install a newsreader, and the only cloud-based services are expensive. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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And again, spam? Is this forum not being moderated?

This site has a comprehensive selection of usenet news groups.

hth, from Alex.

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Thanks. I've used Google Groups, but many block it because it's so prone to spammers. I appreciate the feedback.
When my cable ISP stopped providing Usenet access, it seemed that all the cable providers in the US dropped this service within several months of each other. At that time, a great number of Usenet posters completely disappeared, and most never reappeared.

I payed $11 a month for a Usenet provider for about 18 months afterwards, and then finally dropped my provider.

The cable and dsl providers unilaterally killed the Usenet, by not providing service, almost simultaneously. I know the Usenet is still alive, but only used by fraction of users compared to a few years ago. For me the Usenet in many ways was more useful than Facebook, twitter and other existing social networks of today's on-line system.

I would currently like a chromebook I2P client.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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