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Using an Older Chromebook as a Distraction Free Laptop

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I know that distraction-free laptops are popular these days and I can see how they can be helpful. The only problem is they are super expensive, especially for what they do!

My question is, how hard is it to make one using an older Chromebook (not getting updates) or an older Chromebook with a Linux distro on it?

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Ehmm dude, did you realise what you wrote in here?! I mean, an older chromebook as a distraction laptop?! Seriously?! If you want a distraction laptop, you need another one, as this one is not good for this kind of purposes, and I actually thought that you know that. Chromebooks are not enough technological for those purposes, they are some really simple laptops that we can use on a daily basis. The worst part about having such a laptop, is that you cannot find a proper stand for it. I have found stands for chromebooks only on Smart Laptop Stands ® Official Website, and they actually have a lot of them!
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