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I tested running a windows program called Clickteam Fusion on a Chromebook and it worked really well.
This is a good option for learning how to create video games and also get a start into software development.

Clickteam offers a completely free version of the software and the program to emulate windows on the Chromebook is also free.
So there is ZERO cost and ZERO data collection to use the either of these software components.

Here is what to do:

Step 1
Ensure your Chromebook can download and install the following application from the Google Play Store. Crossover on Chrome OS Beta - Codeweavers, Inc

System Requirements:
• Chromebook with an Intel processor
• Google Play available and enabled
• Android 5.x or later.
• 200 MB of free disk space and space for installed applications
• 2GB System RAM

Step 2
Using a web browser on the Chromebook please download the installer for Clickteam Fusion. You can find it on our website

Step 3
Open Crossover on your Chromebook

Step 4
In the Search for Application toolbar enter Clickteam Fusion 2.5
If it does not appear in the list click on “Install Unlisted Application” and follow the prompts to find the installer you downloaded above in Step 2.

Step 5
Follow thru the Fusion installer and install the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 application.
You also may be prompted to install some Microsoft Direct X components.
Please also install those.

Step 6 – Very Important
Launch Fusion 2.5, when its opened go into the menu choice Tools – Preferences.
Navigate to the Frame Editor Tab
Uncheck the box for “Use Direct 3D in Editor for Direct3D applications”

Failure to do this will result in usage problems with the frame editor and ghosting of some windows.
Our other titles like Fusion 2.5 or The Games Factory 2 also follow this installation procedure.
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