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hi, i bought a chromebook not too long ago and i bought a new memory stick, copied my docs onto it (from the in-law's desktop where i keep all the file backed up - my old memory stick got infected so i had to bin it). and i put it in my chromebook and opened up the files. no problem.
later, i opened up the files on the memory stick again, and instead of roman characters labelling each file (e.g, grammar, games) the characters now all look like a mix of symbols and letters. so i have no ideas which files are what. if i click on any of the files, i'm told that these files are not supported and to to go to the app store to find an app that will open these files. i have no idea what app i'm supposed to be looking for and i don't know how this happened.
i don't know how to do a scan of the memory stick, as there doesn't seem to be any way to do this on chrome and it's near-impossible to download anything onto chrome to check the stick for viruses.
any help would be appreciated here - i'm not good with computers and i don't want to buy yet another memory stick,
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