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Greetings all!

I just got my Acer 11 CB and I am ecstatic. My old windows laptop was running Windows Vista, and I knew that it was due for updating. I heard about Windows 10 coming out, but it couldn't even load this. My desktop can, since it is running Windows 7, but I never really learned how best to use this format.

So I began to contemplate what to do and began searching chromebooks. I had gotten one for my son for Christmas, and he kept complaining what it would NOT do. Of course, he never learned the features and how best to use them.

The past few days, I have been watching Youtube, and checking out the Google free learning forum: Free Google Docs Tutorial at GCFLearnFree This link also has tutorials on many other things pertaining to using the chromebook and google apps. Check it out!

Wow, a wealth of information. So I am sharing this with the readers here in case it is helpful.

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