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Hello everyone, new member, proud owner of a 2013 ChromeBook Pixel.
I am a big fan of ThinkPads, I have many of them in my collection, but the Pixel is something completely different. I'm one of those laptop resellers on eBay, so I've kept an eye on one of these when the prices went down. Anywho, this is my third Pixel, my original was a unit with a faulty dim display. I ended up cracking the glass digitizer but was able to fix the display issue, however it was unustable.

Later on I got 2 units which had waterdamage/heavy use but couldnt fix, still have em, waiting to figure out how to fix em with a good donor unit. One turns on but the display doesn't light up, haven't been able to pinpoint if its the motherboard or LCD. Set aside for other projects.

2nd was a 2015 model I got to try out and flip. Battery and performance was night and day.

But since I was having CB withdraws, I ended up getting a 'new' Pixel with a UK keyboard, not used to it yet. As stated my third unit, though I am not a fan of touchpads, I do like the gestures and overall layout of ChromeOS.

So hello everyone!! I will input any information when it comes across fixing these things.
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