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What happens when not online?

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I suppose the Chromebooks are optimized for the web and live under the assumption that one is always online.

What then happens if you are not online? Is it somewhat rendered useless?
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Some apps can work offline - such as Write Space which is a basic text editor. This is good enough to make notes with, which personally is all I'd do with an offline windows machine in most situations anyway.

Offline features should be coming to google docs "soon", which will improve the situation.
Wait for google doc, and gmail offline support.Otherwise, I feel chromebook is a fancy dumb terminal that I was used in early 80s.
Wait for google doc, and gmail offline support.Otherwise, I feel chromebook is a fancy dumb terminal that I was used in early 80s.

You're right - offline capabilities are limited and that will be a deciding factor for some people. The comparison with a dumb terminal is a little harsh though - it's a bit like saying a new windows laptop is just a fancy acorn electron from the early 80s.
How about a dumb X terminal in old unix world.
How about a dumb X terminal in old unix world.
..with a dual core CPU, 8 hour battery, WiFi, and smaller+lighter than the keyboard of an x term.

The comparisons have moved the early 90s now, so it is like comparing a modern gaming pc to a 486. :p
come on, if you don't have any network connectivity, no matter how powerful the CPU is, not how long the battery last, and how lighter the device is, you won't be able to do any work. :)
Disagree, actually. The point I was making is that the CB is more capable than an xterm when online. Besides, when my cb is offline I can still make notes. This means drafting emails, tapping out ideas, and collecting my thoughts in useful ways. I did little else with my old windows laptop when it was offline.

The local storage features of html5 gives the device much more potential in this way, and Google aren't the only company racing to realise this potential in different ways.
HTML5 Offline potential is the chrome major sale point. I am waiting....
Does this mean i can not have a movie to play without being online? {i can install a movie from itunes and play it off line in my ipad2. i have app's on my ipad2 and can use/play most of them offline.}
You can save some video files and play them offline. I have only done a very little experimentation in this area, but found that .mp4 files can be played by the ChromeOS Media Player. It recognized .mov files as video files, but would not play them. It would not recognize .wmv or .flv files as video files. I understand it is supposed to play .avi files, but did not test that (may depend on the version of ChromeOS).

Beyond this, I haven't done any other testing.
Just convert you video files that cant played into an mp4 file.
see Convert FLV to MP4 or MP4 to FLV with Original Quality on Mac/Win
I am using handbrake, works well.
FFmepg,Handbrake and Freemake are all good selection, completely free and no other cost. Handbrake has both windows and Mac version. all great for converting flv to mp4 and other foramts to play on chrome, and rip dvds for all users. have a try. and some rechargeable software such as iVideotool Video Converter(I Video Tool - Best DVD and Video Tools Provider Over the World) may much better for converting and compress videos
Most of the times, the downloaded videos are .flv format. You can convert flv to mp4 using the freeware Miro Video Converter.
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