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What would your choice be?

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Not that I have even looked at the specs and anything else but if I had a choice, I would go for the Samsung Chromebook. It looks really cooler than the Acer model.
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I am torn b/c the samsung may be too much. I know for sure I want wi-fi. The Samsung does look way cooler than the Acer
I much prefer the Samsung model to the Acer model. Neither are my favorite brand so I might just wait and see if anything more comes out in the meantime.
I prefer Acer due to hdmi, big plus for me to use as source for home theatre, imho
I haven't looked at specs, either, but I like Acer computers. I am familiar with Samsung as far as TV's and telephones, and they have always been good, too, so I'm sure the Samsung Chromebook will bo ok, too.
Acer, Acer, Acer

In the unfortunate event I am not 1 of the 3 lucky persons to win a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, the next laptop I purchase will be an Acer 3G Chromebook....Hands Down! I’m almost afraid to post this here because I am so hoping, hoping, hoping to win 1 of the 3 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks, but I will remain honest and true. For what is, is indeed :)

The very moment I read about the new Google Chrome OS, I had purposed in my heart and mind that the next laptop I owned would be one of such and in which all of my computing would be done in the clouds. The only straying factor would have been the cost. By the way Google Chrome, thank you for making your new Chromebooks affordable to poor people like me!!!

Well in the same manner as above....
The very moment I had accidentally killed my beloved Acer laptop (only weeks BEFORE the above) by dropping it in such a way it landed right on and where the A/C adapter cord plugged into it :-( I purposed in my heart and mind that the next laptop I owned would be an Acer. The only straying factor would have been Google introducing a new Chrome OS.

Geeze, if it wasn’t bad enough I was still grieving my Acer laptop on the day I became privy to the new Google Chrome OS, I then had to deal with the combined feeling of being loyalties would have to be divided. Acer laptop? Google Chrome laptop? Well, as much as I was (and still am) a huge advocate for Acer, I was (and still am) an even bigger advocate for Google. (P.S. This was back in December and there was no mention of far as I know. All I knew about was the Cr-48 Chromebook)

So why the huge advocacy for Acer? Because in 2007 I needed a new laptop. Never having previously owned a laptop, I wasn’t at all convinced I would like em’ but I needed something portable.....obviously not a desktop characteristic. Being newly divorced from a 15 year marriage, I was on a tighter than tight budget. I had $250.00 in my pocket and that afforded me one and only one choice in a Acer laptop on clearance. Actually, I didn’t even have enough money for that, but the store manager was willing to sell me the floor model for what I had in my pocket. Well I had never even heard of Acer prior to this! Talk about being leery! I almost walked away from THE DEAL that day. Thank God I didn’t. That Acer laptop, cheapest of the cheapest laptop turned out to be THE BEST “computer” I have ever owned!!! From that day on it never gave me one lick of trouble, always 100% reliable and faithful, and never did slow down even a bit. So yep, THE BEST!

See how perfect Google is for me? Out of all the computer manufactures out there, Google Chrome chooses Acer to be 1 out of the first 2 to model the Chromebook (barring the Cr-48)! Google, you never do cease to amaze me with one astonishment after another, this being only the latest.......Yea, my loyalties no longer have to be divided!!! I was sooooo happy last week when I discovered the Acer 3G Chromebook!!!

Now regarding the 1 of 3 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks to soon be given away...I trust Google, even more so every day. If Google Chrome trusts Samsung enough to model their new ground-breaking, history-making Chrome OS, then so do I. Therefore, I would be more than happy to get first-hand experience with a Samsung product (meaning the Chromebook of course), which I don’t have. I may be as loyal as I can be, but life’s lessons have taught me not to be picky :)

So whether I am 1 of the 3 lucky winners to win a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook or a buyer buying an Acer 3G Chromebook with such features as......

Google Chrome OS
Intel® Dual-core ATOM Processor 1.66 GHz
2 GB DDR3 Memory
16 GB, Solid State Drive (mSATA)
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™
Built-in 3G Wireless
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
1.3 Mega Pixel HD Webcam
11.6” HD Widescreen CineCrystal™ LED-backlit LCD
2- USB 2.0 Ports
1- HDMI™ Port
6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
High-Definition Audio Support
Two Built-in Speakers
Full-sized Chrome Keyboard
Multi-touch Touchpad
Memory card slot for storing photos, music, and video

…..Either way, I can’t hardly wait!!! Nothing but the Web baby!!!
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mtluvsChrome - I feel your pain about losing your Acer! My experience has been great with them, also. But the Samsung is looking pretty good, so either one will be good. After I win, I'll let you know what I think about it, haha!!
What an encounter mtluvsChrome...reading your post almost made me change my mind ultimately. The Acer laptop comes at a much lower price and that might be the catch. Two, for Google to choose it as a pioneer model besides Samsung, may be a bold statement.

I am curious to know how the Samsung Chromebook is, whether or not I will be a lucky winner, lol.
haven't a clue

I am so new to chrome books that I would have to study the devices available. Seems like most of them are not available yet. At least that is what I see on Amazon. I can't afford one for a while so I have some time to look and compare.
For the time being you can concentrate on looking at the specs and perhaps making an informed choice. Apparently we still all are new to the Chromebooks and maybe after 15th many of us will already have a hands-on experience.
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