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When will it ship?

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I pre-ordered from Amazon and today's the 15th. Where's my new Sammie?
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They start shipping out today. If you have overnight shipping, the earliest you'll get it is tomorrow.
I retract that statement...

Acer Chromebooks aren't being shipped at all, in fact an official release date is YTBD. Amazon is still showing all models as available for pre-order, except for the Arctic White 3G Samsung Series 5. So it looks like anybody who pre-ordered a Titan Silver Series 5 (3G or not) or WiFi only Arctic White is out of luck right now. How disappointing...
They wont be out till google figures out the legal battle that is going on, thats the only thing holding them back from selling it.
Legal battle (elaborate)? I may cancel my order and save the money for the up and coming "IBM Air Clones"...
Never mind--I found plenty on the delay but find it weird that they are shipping the Artic White versions. Is there really a injunction holding up the shipping when they (Amazon) are shipping the Artic White?
For anyone who ordered the Arctic White versions-- have you got any news on shipping dates? Or are they holding those back along with the others and the site just hasn't been updated?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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