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Where can I download Chromebook software?

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I am ready to being porting this thing onto a powerful laptop... I have an old 17" dell laptop and I want to give Chromebook a try... will this even work?
If not, then I'll probably try it on a gen1 AppleTV. I previously got Boxee working on here, but it would be cool to have Chromebook, hook it up to my TV via HDMI, and use it as a media tank.
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Download Chromium and try, that would be the quickest way to get going.
Isn't Chromium the Chrome Browser Beta builds?
ouuu that a great link maybe we can actually give this a shot and see how it goes.
Not the greatest tech over here, how do I install?
@geekyass theres a lot of tutorials on youtube.
There's a build to run it as a VM. Interesting... but the build I saw on a VM wasn't quite ready for 'prime time'. But that was a year ago or so.... lots has happened since then.
Running it as a VM is an appealing solution< I will have to try that out tonight!
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