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Who has purchased a Chromebook?

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It will be great to see who actually has purchased (and received) their Chromebook.

Details of where you bought, ship-date, etc. would be cool!
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I will have a hands-on review in a few hours after I have my Series 5 all set up.
I purchased one through the Gilt presale and have been using it since June 7.
Still on 'fence'

Still sitting on the 'fence'...
I'm sorry....I'm still hoping to win one!!! As far as I can see, no one has yet (or maybe that's just wishful thinking:)
I pre-ordered mine on Amazon several weeks ago and then canceled after reading in depth review on "this is my next" web site. The "lag" the reviewer described reminded me of my Acer netbook. Total waste of money. However, I read several other reviews indicating how the OS would evolve over time and ended up ordering again (from Amazon). Unit arrived today. Set up was easy. Performance has been snappy so far. Will have to get used to the new keyboard arrangement. Only downside so far is the video playback on the CNET website. Many skipped frames. A bad experience. I also tried BBC, and YouTube and playback there is fine.

I was interested in Chromebook because it will play Flash content (a REAL and MAJOR drawback of Ipad). Will be interested to hear what others have to say.
Placed order for the 3G version with Amazon on the 9th of June expecting it to ship on the published release date of the 15th. I struggled with purchase but unlike many--I love my netbook (Samsung NC10). I liked the idea of fast boot times and the simplicity of everything in the browser. Perfect for most even though the price point may hinder success. I have a powerhouse of a notebook (Sager) for video editing and the like of...But, I often carry my netbook to the fire hall and never plug into the wall for 24 hours if fully charged from the get go. I envisioned my wife browsing email, Facebook, etc. sitting in the easy chair.

Sorry, for the ramble. Just got off the phone with Amazon's customer service. They didn't want to allow much information until I said that I might cancel the order. They then stated that it shows the projected ship date to be on the 25th and delivery on the 27th (Prime). The problem being that I will be out of town for a couple of weeks during that period. Now I'm back to the questions: cancel or change shipping address. Wow, I haven't struggled over a $500 tech purchase in some time. Is it a sign?
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I'm wondering if I should change my order to an Amazon order.... my Bestbuy order is "backordered" and won't ship for another 10 days :(
If Amazon has it, I think you should change the order. 10 days is a pretty long wait. But, they say patience is a virtue. The anticipation is the fun part. :) Once you get it, then you have it forever. Thanks, for doing the giveaway for us. If I don't win one then I will have to save some money to buy one.
I think I better wait for the situation to clarify before I order a ChromeBook. Maybe in a month or so, unless some news motivates me first.
I'm wondering if I should change my order to an Amazon order.... my Bestbuy order is "backordered" and won't ship for another 10 days :(
I was just looking at the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 on Amazon and according to them all they can ship out at the moment is the Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Arctic White) which arrives within 1 to 2 months.

The following can be pre-ordered from Amazon since it's still not released yet:

- Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Titan Silver)
- Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook (Titan Silver)
- Samsung Series 5 Wi-Fi Chromebook (Arctic White)
- Acer AC700 Chromebook (3G)
- Acer AC700 Chromebook (Wi-Fi)

I would stick with Best Buy, waiting 10 days sounds a lot better than waiting for a ChromeBook that will ship within 1 to 2 months!

BTW, which ChromeBook did you order?
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I am interested but will win the contest! Positive thinking right? I like all I've read so far. Will keep updated pro's & con's on blog.
ChromeBook and Cloud Computing must really be great ideas if there's all this legal fuss about the "chrome" name. Well, I'd still like to buy a ChromeBook but I don't want to get caught in the corporate crossfire just now. I'll keep watching this Forum and the news in general. Maybe this situation will get sorted out in the Fall.

I will have a hands-on review in a few hours after I have my Series 5 all set up.
Hi Droymac! I have been waiting to read your review but can't find it. Have you posted a review yet and if so, where? Thanks!
Which will get the arctic white samsung wifi chromebook first, best buy or amazon?
I just posted a review for my new Chromebook. Been playing with a few days now, pretty cool machine. Check out the review at
OK, I now have Chromebook envy!!

Thanks for the review. I installed the SourceKit app in Chrome but I wish I didn't need a Dropbox account; it seems counter intuitive.

I can't wait to see a more robust File Manager. That could be a deal breaker for some corporate users.
OK, I now have Chromebook envy!!

Thanks for the review.
My Chromebook envy has been brewing for days and then after reading the awesome review stated above, my Chromebook envy became full-on fledged :p I just can't hardly wait to get a brand new Chromebook of my very own and to give my daughter's Compaq (YUCK) laptop back to her!

Please, please, please Mr./Miss contest judges/admins, PICK ME to be 1 of the 3 lucky winners who win a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook ;)
Struggling with the wait. Almost cancelled order, and bought one of the new Samsung tablets. Leaving this Saturday for two weeks and unless I change the shipping destination....I will have to cancel. I'll wait until the middle of the week and make the final decision. I already have a nice sleeve waiting, and really wanted this for my trip. Early adopters pay the price in many ways. But, most of the time the joy out ways the cost.
Couldn't stand it. Called Amazon again and the rep stated that he didn't foresee it shipping within the next 2-3 weeks (titan silver/3g).
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