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Why only 3G?

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Why did they stop at 3G Broadband, instead of going to up to 4G? I mean, I guess that's enough, but still, your phone might be faster...
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These 2 Chromebooks are the 1st gen. Google still needs to test if there is a market for such devices.
But, if they are testing the market, wouldn't they have a greater chance of a better market if it were 4G? Why not come out of the gate with it?
I think all the bugs have to be worked out before they move it to 4g. They have to keep the price as cheap as they can to make sure that the 1st gen Google Chromebooks are as big of a success as possible.
True, I guess it would have to cost a little more if it were 4G. Still, my Smartphone might be faster, which would kind of suck....
Haha, yeah that would suck. I am not to worry about 3G and not 4G. Apparently the area that I live can not handle 4G yet. Which I do not get because if they can do 3G whey can't they do 4G?
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