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I don't have any reason why I SHOULD win a Chromebook. I do have plenty of reasons for why I HOPE to win, would be HONORED to win, and completely THRILLED to win 1 of the 3 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks. Just to name a few.......
1. HOPE....You know the old saying, “Give me a brake”? Well I am HOPING for just that....a brake given to me by the most amazing Google itself. Throughout my life, especially in the last 4 years, I’ve experienced and lived through many of life’s “hard-knocks”, but almost always stemming from my own stupid choices! Because most of my hard-knocks are actually “consequences” for choices that I’ve made, I haven’t been given too many brakes which is really the way it needed to be for growth, strength, knowledge, and independence. I have a little advice for anyone who wishes to take it....Indeed this on-line world of ours is full of opportunity’s such that our minds cannot conceive, it will also eat you up and spit you out if your not properly equipped! So no matter how smart you think you are, if you don't have the experience and/or education in creating a website/eCommerce store and all it entails, yet you desire one for your business anyway, don’t do it yet! Educate yourself first! Or, hire a professional to do it for you! Otherwise you can expect to be humbled in failure just as I was.
2. HONORED....I would be so HONORED to win a Chromebook from my Google! In having to lay aside my business to begin the journey to educate myself on the above, it took me about 5 minutes to discover that it was GOOGLE who would be here to lead me, guide me, and teach me everything my little heart desired to learn, all unlimited and all free for the taking. My businesses online success will be credited 100% to my Google. Although being fairly new here, I am without a doubt, Google's most loyal fan....just ask my family who thinks I've lost my mind :) So I can't imagine a greater HONOR than to be picked as one of my Google's "chosen ones".
3. THRILLED....I am close to ready to start putting to use all the information and knowledge learned so far and begin to create my e-Commerce site once again, though I do have one slight problem. In dropping my beloved Acer laptop last December, I sadly dropped it to its demise. Well, being a more than full-time student seeking a degree in online success at the school of Everything Google, I have not and still cannot afford to replace my own laptop with a Chromebook (the only laptop I would even consider) yet. And as it is, nothing would make my 21-year old daughter happier than when I hand back her own new laptop that I had to "confiscate" from her last December, as I say to her, "Thank you oh gracious and unselfish daughter of mine for the use of your new can have it back now that your mama is a big girl and finally has a new laptop of her own!" Nothing would THRILL me (or my generous daughter) more than to begin this new phase and chapter in my life on a brand new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook! It would be such a fitting thing after all that has taken place over the last year!
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