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I'd be great advertizing to my students

I should win because if not it will be a long time till I can afford this device. I have a lot of other devices and my "fun" budget is depleted. I would love to watch instant movies on this and surf the net.

I am a part time teacher, teaching online, and I love tech. I can also tell all my students about this wonderful device so the makers of chrome books will benefit if I win. It would be great if I could use the Chrome book to manage my online classes. My students could also take my class on the chrome book. I'd like to see how this would work.

First, of course, I would have one, use it, and see how it works for online classes. I can't do that unless I have one..and I can't buy one for a least a year or more now.

So even if I didn't win they should discount or give me one.
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