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Wi-Fi or 3G ChromeBook?

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Wi-Fi or 3G ChromeBook?

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So far there will be 2 ChromeBooks one from Acer and the other from Samsung and both come in wi-fi or 3G. Which one will you be going with and why?

I know i will be going with the 3G option since I'm always on the go!

Price for both Wifi & 3G models are as follows:

Samsung ChromeBook Series 5

Wi-Fi only model: $429.99
3G version: $499.99. Verizon provides 100MB of free 3G access to customers for the first two years.

Acer ChromeBook

Wi-Fi only model: $349.99
3G version: Price TBA ( Available June 15th)
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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