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Something that has always interested me is the Shenzhen technology marketing, I mean the fact these Chinese manufactures copy anything that seems half decent seems to excite me. I've become a full time Chrome OS lover (I don't have a chrome book:()

I recently dived into some chromebook research and was shocked and surprised that no shenzhen gadget maker had tried to rip off or make a chromebook, I believe if the Chinese did it right they could make a affordable loveable chromebook that potentially could sell well. I believe chromebooks in the upcoming year will become even more affordable to the point where people stop bothering with some tablets because of the functionality of the chromebook and I can't wait for when this happens, I'm looking into the acer c7 and believe very soon we'll be talking £150 for a fully functional chrome running machine.

My question to everyone out there is, do you think Chinese clone companies will take on the task of making chromebooks and if so when do you think they will begin to arise?
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