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What a piece of crap my new Chronebook is. The screen is a joke. No support for bluetooth audio. I cannot download my movies and tv shows from the Google Play Store. Apps are nothing but bookmarks to websites and web pages. The build quality is garbage. This thing reminds me of WebTVfrom the mid 90's. What a joke.

For 200 hundred dollars I think we may have purchased different machines. I am certain if a modeller got there hands on one of these system it could be bright yellow, or Red with a Ferrari emblem on the cover, or painted with flowers to appear like a garden on the kitchen table, or have airbrushed images that any velvet Elvis or Naked women collector would kill to own.

I like the build, yes it has lots of grey plastic, and the hinges remind me of a Dell Laptop I had to repair several times, via ebay, sold parts. But the Dell was $700 this is a $200 easy replaceable travel system, when they build enough units so they stock them in every big box store in my country.

I am certain hordes of Windows users will find this type of operating system to become far more useful as Netflix gets their act together, or hula and NBC brings their service to the Chrome O/S. No storage, what are you talking about a 64 gig flash sticks are selling for $27.

A normal person would not need more movie and music storage than can be shared easily with these large flash drive. Why do you want to increase the weight with very larger hard drives, and slow down the internet speeds with software to download & save entertainment in a 2 pound device designed to be a malware free computer experence

As for having bluetooth devices, that is always a third party developer with a card table in the CES show that the seed money guys always fails to find or copy. I was hoping that the chromebook would finally marry the phone and computer again, something we have been waiting for since the first production netbook was shown in the Taiwan running Linux, a Webcam, cell phone and bluetooth head set.

Microsoft was caught flat footed with the netbook ready to ship and leaned on Asus to modify the hardware to run winXP. Thus the hardware changes started the doom of the early netbook, and the first Microsoft production models did not have the snappy operation, speed, or cell phone as the first products shipped to the US running Linux.

I am still hoping that the chromebook price structure stays low, and becomes our phone & computer. I used a database in 1993, "Howard & Friends" that had modem capabilities, to dial phone numbers for land lines, and when the early cell phones appeared I could not believe they did not have a meaningful systems to connect them to computers to manage the phone book, but it seems the US phone company influences kept them from any type of marriage.

I still hope to use a ARM computer system, and wear a tethered head set that lets me talk on the chromebook phone while I scroll about a shared Google document or website displayed on the clients screen in real time. I hope the chromebook brings the computer phone capability to market, that Microsoft killed in the original netbook.

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