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Since no one wrote this yet that I found I will give you my 5 hours of tinkering and first time on Linux on How to run Wow on your chromebook. Im running a 5 550, should work on others.
1. Install ChrUbuntu Chromebooks and Chrome OS: So You Want ChrUbuntu on a USB / SD Card? Well Merry Christmas!
2. Install wine from app store
3. steal wow from Windows PC, put it on external HDD.
4. configure config.WTF add these lines
SET ffxDeath "0"
SET ffxGlow "0"
SET gxApi "opengl"
5. Make your gfx card compatable like this:
1. driconf install, sudo apt-get install driconf
2. open driconf (via terminal), go to the tab "image quality" and activate the S3TC texture compression, even if the software support is not available. (Default is "no" change to "yes")
6. ENJOY WOW on your chromebook!
1. go to HDD and right click on WOW.exe and go to run with wine.
- I kinda wish google would release linux drivers for these, but it seems to work fine like this.
-I play on low settings with maxxed out view distance, sometimes I think I have a little trouble with the wifi settings

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I forgot to add, to get it not to crash when alt tabing, enter winecfg in console and force it to run at your native resolution :) enjoy, I hope i get good responces! im on my chromebook in ubuntu right now

World of Warcraft on Chromebook!
No lag in orgimar
-back to wow!

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How to install the WOW with easy steps

Hi , I am running the WOW on my chromebook. it very easy to run
first of all you need two most important component 1 large hard drive because WOW have huge size and 2- intel processor. with that you must have HD graphics to run wow. just do few steps like
first enable the devolper mode to install wow.
then downlolad the Crouton. you can also use alternative to Crouton
Install Linux with Ubuntu on your chromebook.
install the Lutris
then intall the wow and enjoy the WOW.
i hope , it will be helpfull for you
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