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ZeroPC Turns Google Chromebook into a Fully-Featured Web Desktop With Familiar Windows-likeDesktop User Interface

ZeroPC Expands Chromebook Functions & Gives Users a Single Site for Accessing & Managing Digital Content and Favorite Applications—Without the Complexity and Challenge of Opening Multiple Browser Tabs

SAN FRANCISCO – June 21, 2011 – ZeroDesktop™, Inc., developerof next-generation Web Desktop solutionsfor public and private cloud computing, today announced the availability of its ZeroPC™ ( familiar desktop and cloud content management user interface for the Google Chromebook. The integration of ZeroPC with Chromebook and the Chrome OS enhances the user experience by providing fully-featured Web Desktop functions plus a familiar ‘look and feel’ Windows-likedesktop user interface while leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing resources. Regardless of where the user’s content is stored, ZeroPC unifies everything into an all-in-one content management hub with a single login. With ZeroPC, Chromebook and Chrome OS users can easily and securely access and share combinations of digital content—multiple folders, multiple files, sticky notes—with anyone, anywhere and for any duration using a single URL. ZeroPC for Chrome is available from the Google Chrome Web store at
“Chromebook is a great step towards introducing people to the cloud computing arena, but its tab-based approach presents an uncomfortable paradigm shift for most legacy computer users,” said Richard Sah, VP of Marketing for ZeroDesktop. “ZeroPC bridges a significant gap by providing Chromebook users with an interface alternative that is similar to the familiar Windows desktop environment, and the missing piece for them to achieve a comfortable user experience.”
Familiar Windows-like Functions
ZeroPC eliminates the need for Chromebook users to open multiple browser tabs in order to access their content scattered in the cloud, and makes it easy to navigate content currently located on their local computer, other popular Web storage sites, social sites and portable storage devices. ZeroPC simplifies operations with an intuitive Windows-like interface that enables users to perform the familiar functions including an apps menu to quickly navigate and launch built-in and favorite applications, desktop settings and customizations, the ability to run multiple applications within one browser, and to create and customize desktop background and shortcut icons. A robust File Explorer enables users to view all of their content from a centralized menu, navigate between files, folders and third-party content using drag and drop techniques, view thumbnail images and instantly play multimedia files from one location.

ZeroPC includes a rich suite of Web apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools, collaboration and social networks. ZeroPC’s Universal Inbox makes it easy to centralize and manage multiple email systems, and an Instant Messenger that works with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, Google and Facebook provides fast and easy communication with friends, family and colleagues all within the same browser tab. ZeroPC is fully integrated with popular cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote,, SugarSync, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and with the user’s own local computer storage, allowing users to easily aggregate and manage all of their documents, emails, photos, music, videos, and social media content in one convenient place.

ZeroPC does not require any credit cards or subscription fees, and there is no software to download.

About ZeroDesktop, Inc.
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a global provider of Web Desktop solutions that change the way users share their digital content with friends, family and colleagues. ZeroPC ( is a revolutionary cloud content management user interface that turns any browser into a PC and empowers consumers, schools and business users to unify all of their digital content from local PCs and Internet sites into one secure repository. ZeroPC provides the most comprehensive and functional desktop in the cloud with its rich combination of supported Web apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools and collaboration to social networks. Using a flexible “pay-as-you-go” model, no subscriptions are required and there is no software to install. Consumers, education and business users can join the ZeroPC Community today by becoming a fan on Facebook at following @ZeroDesktop on Twitter at!/zerodesktop.
ZeroDesktop is headed by CEO Young Song, an entrepreneur whose career has focused on bringing to market synergistic desktop computing products that deliver life-enhancing value to education, business and consumers. He founded NComputing, a $40 million venture-backed company with patented technology that leverages PC power and cloud computing to create a shared computing resource that connects multiple users at a low cost, and is used today by millions of customers in over 100 countries. He also co-founded eMachines, the low-cost computer brand that enabled affordable PC ownership and Internet adoption for consumers (later acquired by Gateway).

ZeroDesktop and ZeroPC are trademarks of ZeroDesktop, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Pattie Adams
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Have just had a look. I'm prompted to run a java app, which won't work on chromebooks.
I showed it to my good friend Xzibit, who had this to say:

Yo dawg. I heard you like web apps so I put web apps in a web app so you can use web apps while you use a web app.


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If their office suite is better than Google Docs than there may be a value here; but personally I don't see any reason to pay an additional fee to access my cloud storage.

While it's not for me it does validate Google's vision.

As HTML5 spreads I expect to see a lot of open source web apps and tools coming; A LibreOffice web app would be killer!

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Shoot Microsoft Cloud Drive is moving to HTML5 with no Silverlight MS Office with access to folders in the cloud....sorry I don't need a site that is just links to other sites...I have a Bookmark bar for that...thanks..

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About ZeroPC

I have recently started to use ZeroPC on my Samsung Chromebook. The desktop shortcut links are there for the purpose of user convenience. In my opinion, I believe ZeroPC did a great job in the following areas which really bridge the shortcoming of Chromebook experience:

1) Accounts manager to connect to popular cloud services - I used Dropbox, and Google docs very often. I also have photos in Flickr. With ZeroPC, their file explorer shows all content for these connected services - which is really cool. I can drag & drop to move files/folder easily across different connected services and view them without opening any new browser tab. I can also directly view and edit my Google Docs content.

2) They recently released a "quick share" feature. You can right click on a file or folder to quick share. It provides a secure URL link and you can email, post to Facebook or Twitter. This really improves my experience on Chromebook. I had no way of attaching my Dropbox content in my Gmail. Now I can do so using their secure link to easily share any content to anyone with few clicks. It's an awesome feature I think a lot of Chromebook users will love.

3) If you want to quickly open up a browser - chromebook provides fast access. if you want to run many applications and access content from sources in the same browser using the familiar windows like environment - ZeroPC is it. This provides the best of the two worlds for me.

Hope you find my experience helpful.

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